is a SCAM!!! They are not a legit site!!

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So I'll be honest from the start. I was trying to be cheap.

I always unlock all my phones with because they're legit. This time I decided to try something different, so I went with It wasn't just a sudden interaction with this site. I tried my hardest looking through the forums to find good unlocking websites.

I didn't see one bad review on this fake company. So I went ahead and looked at the prices. I have an iPhone 5s so I was like "wow $26.99 for the unlock and a 5-7 business day timeframe!". Anxiously waiting for the timeframe on my fifth business day I check the "Status" of my unlock process.

I noticed that there was a modified change to the description of the price I paid for my unlock. It went from 5-7 business days to 6-11 business days. I went on their facebook profile and asked them why they changed the dates and they never replied. I started becoming worried about my order.

I then asked others on's facebook page if they ever got their phone unlocked. He replied that after 7 weeks of waiting they told him it was unsuccessful and never reimbursed his money back. Obviously, he filed a claim through paypal. After I emailed them several times and left a comment on their facebook page simply asking if they were legit they went ahead and deleted all the past comments about them not ever unlocking any phone.

I really started inspecting the page and you can see all the people that claim their unlocking service works seem to be fake facebook profiles. Then while going back to their website to click on the order that I chose at the beginning they completely took it off!! All they have now is the $36.99 fast unlock! Do not unlock your phone from this company as they WILL RIP YOU OFF.

I've also posted pictures of their facebook page and all they seem to say on most is a *** "IMEI is process." Really?? How could I have been so ***? I had to file a claim with my bank to report their fraudulent scam website, and I sincerely feel bad for those who paid over $100 for a fake scam. Good luck guys!

STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE! Don't let these people scam you like they did me!!!

Monetary Loss: $27.

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Mundelein, Illinois, United States #814766

I has unlock with them my iphone with no problem.

to Alfredo #814791

Hmm what a coincidence Alfredo... After I show this post to you all of the sudden appear... :roll

Smartunlocks - Спасибо за анлок

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Был привезен телефон, залоченный под Швейцарского оператора swisscom и стал искать где лучше разлочить и нашёл этот сайт на 4pda, куда я обычно обращаюсь в случаи непоняток с телефонами, там же были рекомендации, посмотрев ещё их сайт, и пообщавшись с подедржкой (которая кстати так же говорит на русском) закинул телефон привезенный из к ним на анлок, несколько часов и вуаля, телефон принимает МТС сим-карту. Спасибо очень доволен.

Сейчас везут ещё два телефона, из Франции правда, тоже закину к этим ребятам.

З.ы. Получилось долгий и немного размытый обзор, хотел уложится в пару строчек, но тут меньше ста слов нельзя написать.

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